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Convert Airtime to Cash for all Nigerian Networks

airtime to cash is now available on paygold.ng It is now easy to convert airtime to cash. If you wish to sell airtime for cash and transfer airtime to bank account, kindly follow the instructions below. we will help you convert airtime to bank account. Our sell airtime for cash services is easy to use and simple. Kindly use the form at the bottom of this page to transfer airtime to bank account. we are ready to help you convert mtn airtime to cash


sell airtime for cash rates

We charge 19% for airtime to cash. we will take 19% of the total airtime you want to convert to cash and credit your pay gold wallet with it. you can request a withdrawal on Paygold.ng. We pay instantly if you want any of the services listed below

  1. airtime to cash
  2. convert airtime to cash
  3. sell airtime for cash
  4. transfer airtime to bank account
  5. convert airtime to bank account


  • We do not accept stolen airtime. If you attempt to convert stolen airtime to cash, we will hand over Your details to the appropriate authorities.
  • Paygolg.ng do not deduct airtime from you automatically.
  • You are to make transfer the airtime to the phone number displayed in our phone number field in the form below. Only.
  • You must not send a different amount different from the amount you filled in the form below.
  • You must Successfully transfer the airtime to us before clicking the ‘Convert Airtime to Cash’ button or within 20 minutes after clicking the ‘Convert Airtime to Cash’ button or the transaction will be cancelled automatically.
  • Your account will be blocked permanently if you submit this form without sending the airtime.
  • We accept only airtime transfer only (MTN Share ’N’ Sell). You must send Airtime to us as VTU, instead, send it as a transfer (MTN Share ‘N’ Sell).
  • If you want to send us an airtime PIN, kindly load it on any MTN SIM and then transfer the airtime to us.


  • MTN Share ’N’ Sell – Default PIN: 0000
  • If you don’t have a PIN, to use 1234 as your PIN Dial: *600*0000*1234*1234#
  • To Transfer Dial: *600*‭OUR_PHONE_NUMBER*AMOUNT*PIN#
  • MTN placed has a limit of 5,000 per airtime transfer. So if you want to convert more than 5,000 airtime at once, you should enter the amount below, and then send the airtime in batches until it is completed.
  • Example: If you want to convert 19,000 airtime to cash, you should enter 19000 below inside the ‘amount’ field; then transfer 5,000 airtime three times to us and also transfer another 4,000 airtime to us to make it 19,000.


  • It takes approximately 10 minutes for the transferred airtime amount to be verified and credited to your Wallet.
  • You can now withdraw your wallet balance to your bank account any time you want.

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